Mini-Movers / Pre-School
A wonderful class for our very youngest children wanting dance with a ballet emphasis and incorporating movement from other styles. An enjoyment for music and imaginative creativity is developed in our pre-school class. This class develops creativity, a love for dance and performing. Most suitable for 3 - 4 years of age

Ballet Training
For ages 5 years and onward.

The beginnings of ballet DEC style - strength and charisma for the boys, elegance and beauty for the girls. The young dancers learn classical ballet appropriate to their age in an easy, friendly and supportive atmosphere.

In 2014 DEC introduced a new ballet training program. Much excitement came with this new approach as it encompasses ballet skills and technique along side theatrical preparation giving the ballet student at DEC a complete knowledge of training and its practical application for stage and performance opportunities.

A syllabus for all ages, abilities and levels of achievement. Suitable for a beginner at any level and starting at anytime during the year, the program gives a comprehensive training whilst being totally enjoyable. A move to a more educational emphasis encourages young students to develop their own sense of value and confidence within the DEC and with their peers. Each level has an assessment to give feedback and recognition of achievement. Adult ballet class is available.

At the higher level of classical ballet training for those students wanting to further their studies in dance, the DEC offers the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) vocational training program beginning at the Intermediate level. This level of work allows for membership to the RAD, opens opportunity to train as a classical ballet teacher with the RAD, and is recognized world wide as a standard of dance. The RAD examinations will run in tandem with the new ballet system at DEC.

For the ballet dancer beginning on pointe. This class develops with the student and enhances their training for examination classes and stage work by facilitating basic skills and technique. Students will be training at Classical 5 and 6 level to do this class

Urban Dance
An awesome dance training blending up to date 'urban' styles including jazz, hip hop, musical theatre and contemporary. For the young dancer through to the advanced, students can begin at any level, at any time of the year and enjoy. Energetic, dynamic and brilliant fun!

A style of dance seen in the professional circuit and in education, contemporary dance explores all regions of body movement and creativity. DEC offers two levels of contemporary training. At junior level (ages 10 - 13), this is for a beginner dancer, and those in the ballet and urban programs at a younger level. For the more mature student, the senior level develops and broadens students contemporary dance skills whilst developing students abilities to create dance. This training supports dance in secondary school education.

Musical Theatre
Offering an awesome experience at junior, intermediate and senior levels in the Tauranga school. This class develops and trains students to utilise their dance movement abilities with vocal work including singing and dialogue. A fantastic class to prepare for the school productions developing confidence to perform in musical theatre styles. Junior level begins around 7 - 8 years and is awesome fun. Previous training is not necessary and a dance background is helpful but not essential. This class can be taken by anyone,

Stretch/Body Conditioning
All dancers and performers need flexibility in mind and body. Here it is, a great body conditioning class for all abilities to enhance all dance training. A must! DEC offers a junior and senior level.

Private Lessons
A one on one lesson opportunity that creates stage work. Personalised development, choreographed routines, individual costuming and make-up are part of this package. Students are selected based on talents and work ethic demonstrated. A high level of commitment is expected.

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