Upcoming Competitions 2020
DEC March Competition (Ballet, Jazz) - March 14 - 15, Bethlehem College
DEC Winter Competition (Ballet, Jazz) - August 8 - 9, Bethlehem College
DEC Paeroa Dance Competition (Ballet, Jazz) - October 3 - 6, Paeroa War Memorial Hall

These dates are a guideline. When entries are confirmed exact dates and times are planned.

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For information regarding competitions please contact us here

News and Events
Important dates for DEC clients are listed here. This includes Examination, Assessment, Competition, and Production dates. Also important events for our students. This will be updated as times come in or if there are alterations.


Adult Ballet and Adult Jazz classes - see Tauranga Timetable

EXCITING NEW UNIFORM for Urban, Contemporary and Musical Theatre. Our brand colours of black and white with new design and logo. We are thrilled with the new look.
**(Those who have the old uniform are able to wear these to class and in assessments to get the wear out of these items).


RAD Examinations 2020
Term 2 - 8 May onward.

DEC Assessments 2020
Ballet, Contemporary, Urban, Musical Theatre Assessments and Performance Awards
18 - 23 September. Performance Awards Sunday 20 September

These dates are a guideline and all timetables are planned after the closing date when entries have been received.
If there are commitments that may effect the placement of the exam or assessment, please contact us and submit the dates as to when you will be away i.e. a family holiday has been booked for overseas, or out of town on a particular day.

Please refer to Dancewear or Dance Boutique to find uniform requirements

Productions 2020

THE 'B' BOMB CONCERT. 11 - 12 December. Baycourt Theatre. (Rehearsals at Baycourt 9 - 10 December)


For more information regarding these events please contact us here